Visa Information

We will provide you with the web page link of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This page contains basic visa information for foreign citizens traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nationals of the following states may enter into Bosnia and Herzegovina with a passport or a valid identity card proving identity and citizenship of:

- Member State of the European Union

- State signatory to the Schengen Agreement

- Andorra, Montenegro, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia, the Holy See and Swiss Confederation

If you are a holder of the passport from the country that has a visa regime with Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will provide you with the full assistance in the application process.

NOTE: For those who require a visa, please note that the Organizing Committees has no control over the visa application process, or the decision of the embassy or consulate. The conference cannot be responsible for actual visa issuances. The process length varies from individuals and this is why we strongly advise you to start your application as soon as you can.